The importance of sport in pre-school age: the final conference of SUN in Croatia

Dec 21, 2022News

The activities and results of the SUN project have taught us that practicing sport and having a healthy diet from an early age is very important to get used to having a healthy lifestyle.

On December 2nd in Croatia the final conference of the SUN project took place, which was an opportunity to present to local experts in the field of sport the results of the pilot phase that was carried out this year in all the countries of the partnership. Hundreds of children in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria took part in sport activities adapted to their age and received also knowledge and training on healthy eating.

The international conference was a moment of discussion between professionals in the field of education and sport and gave the opportunity to promote the results of the activities: a comparative research on sport in preschool age, educational modules on sport, and healthy eating and guidelines for teachers, sports clubs, sports organisations, childcare providers, local authorities and general public to promote physical activity as well as healthy eating for children aged 4-7 and their families.

The evaluations of parents, teachers and children have been very positive in each country, a sign that the SUN project had, in these two years of activity, a great impact on the life of the participating teaching staff who have become familiar with new methods of promoting physical activity in pre-school age, on groups of children who are more familiar with sport and physical activity and on families who are now more aware of the importance of healthy habits. In view of the conclusion of the project, we hope to be able to continue the essential work of raising awareness of the whole community on the subject of sport.

SUN – Sports, health and fUn for preschool childreN project is co-financed by the Erasmus + Sport program and aims to raise awareness of the need for physical activity and proper nutrition as the basis of a healthy lifestyle by changing the habits of preschool children, their families and teachers.


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