GAME ON – Language Learning Games for migrants and refugees

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GAME ON – Language Learning Games for migrants and refugees

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01/01/2022 – 31/12/2023

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Erasmus + - Azione Chiave 2: Partenariati Strategici-Adulti


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    Description of the project

    The project GAME ON – Language Learning Games for Migrants and Refugees proposes an innovative, non-formal learning game-based approach, promoting social inclusion of migrants and refugees through foreign language learning, focusing on everyday dialogues that adult people need in their usual social interactions. In addition to this, the specific objective of GAME ON is to develop language learning game-based methodologies for migrants and refugees at level A1/A2, using non-formal learning approaches and to build the capacity of language teachers to use games in language learning.

    The project has two main target groups: the first target groups are migrants who are learning foreign language, whilst the second one is migrants’ educators, language trainers & education providers, teaching institutions and learners. GAME ON is expected to have a significant beneficial impact on language teachers that provide language courses to migrants and refugees, as well as on the migrants and refugees themselves. The project will also have a positive impact on the staff and NGO’s and migrants’ support organizations that can use the games in social contexts.


    • Focus groups with migrants and trainers and language teachers (involving 30 trainers/teachers and 30 migrants)
    • 16 hours of Training on Language Teachers for 50 trainers and language teachers
    • Pilot experimentations of the developed games with total 100 migrants


    • A METHODOLOGICAL GUIDE ON LANGUAGE LEARNING THROUGH GAMES: The methodological guide will define the framework for the introduction of game-based learning in language classes. It will be addressed to teachers and trainers who teach languages to migrants and refugees. It will provide theoretical and practical support for language teachers, who teaches local language to migrants and refugees.
    • TEACHERS TRAINING PROGRAMME:  A training programme aimed at building the capacity of language teachers to incorporate games into their foreign language classes, addressing the learning needs of migrants and refugees through informal and game-based learning methodologies.
    • DEVELOPMENT OF LANGUAGE LEARNING GAMES FOR A1/A2 LEVELS: Language learning games that will be used and implemented during language lessons with refugees and migrants, developed around themes of personal and daily life.