TTF: cultivating environmental awareness in schools oriented towards a better future

Feb 15, 2023News

In the current climate context, it is necessary to respond students’ need to reflect upon the importance of an environmental education. TTF – Teaching the Future wants to make it a powerful tool against climate change, one of the major challenges of the historical moment we are living in.

The added-value of the project TTF – Teaching the Future comes from the development of an online climate data dashboard as a teaching resource targeted at teachers, containing scientific and reliable data about climate. Furthermore, this project seeks to promote an approach aiming at cultivating active participation among young people in the challenges and issues within the local communities they are living in. Least but not last, the project seeks to raise awareness about the importance of scientific data and digital resources.

Teaching and learning approaches for climate education have been finally identified and developed in focus groups with all the partners of TTF, and a map of the current state of environmental education of the countries involved in the project was created. At the moment, TTF’s partners have been working to produce a climate education data dashboard containing useful open data, visualizations and examples to classes, with relevant information and news on actions being taken.

Simultaneously, TTF’s partners will continue to cooperate in order to develop a teacher training course to support and bring innovation in climate education, that will be tested in schools at a later stage.

Project updates will be available on the website or by following the dedicated Facebook page.

TTF – Teaching the Future
 is financed by the program Erasmus+, Cooperation Partnership in school education.


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