ProFiLe – Promoting Financial Literacy In Europe

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ProFiLe – Promoting Financial Literacy In Europe

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01/09/2019 – 31/08/2022

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Erasmus + - Azione Chiave 2: Partenariati Strategici | Scuola


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    Description of the project

    A good number of social mobility statistics are linked with lack of basic literacy and numeracy skills, inability to find suitable employment, productivity and efficiency in organisational and personal decision making.

    Educators, parents, guardians and students will benefit from easily usable teaching and learning tools, which provide the competences that will be critical in preparing young people for effective participation in society. For example, children need to learn how technological tools and spaces provide creative opportunities for business activities, interact socially, where and how to wisely earn, spend, and save money etc. A good grasp of the nature of economic transactions and the need to make decisions with economic significance in modern and future societies provide the background for applying critical skills like numeracy, computer literacy and critical thinking.

    The “ProFiLE” seeks to provide the teaching resources needed by facilitators of financial literacy in the EU. Teachers, parents, guardians, children society leaders and workers need user-friendly yet

    authentic teaching guides and activities to help young children between the ages of 7 and 11 to

    understand the notions of money that are deemed age-appropriate.


    • IO1 Financial Literacy Learning Outcomes for the Pedagogy: a collection and analysis of best practice in financial literacy education.
    • IO2 Financial Literacy Teaching Material: the materials developed will provide facilitators with simple to understand explanations of financial products, how they are created, when and how individuals use them and how to make the best use of them.
    • IO3 Financial Literacy Learning Tools: a computer application to support learners in practicing financial decision making and a a virtual learning environment with teaching plans, session plans, session activities and frequently asked questions and answers on financial literacy will be created.
    • IO4 Financial Literacy Integration Toolkit: Best practices will be combined to demonstrate how the participating organisations planned and achieved the inclusion of financial literacy for children in the target age group.
    • IO5 Financial Literacy Research Paper: will develop an academic paper reflecting on all activities and results of the project. At the concluding stage of the project, lessons learnt, challenges remaining, and actions required to improve financial literacy will be published.

    The ProFiLE project lasts 36 months and it is coordinated by Irene Ippolito on behalf of the Centre for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci”.