Education plays a vital role in people’s lives by providing them the opportunity to become active members of the society, performing a crucial role in counteracting the negative effects of poverty and social exclusion. Either by not being engaged in education, training or employment, the so-called N.E.E.Ts, or by leaving school in an early stage, young people run a high risk of finding themselves excluded from social life.

As the phenomenon of early school living affects over 4 million people across the EU countries, and it is actually considered as one of the main challenges in education policy and one of the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy, there is an urgent need to focus on this problem. Alongside, the number of NEETs has increased with a percentage of 15.5% in 2017 with some EU countries having a percentage of NEETs overcoming the 20% (Eurostat, 2018). To respond to these tough circumstances, the project aims to promote ideas and tools based on positive thinking so to help youth workers to reach and support those vulnerable groups. The project will focus on adopting positive attitude, fostering resilience and soft skills useful for youth workers to be used to support these vulnerable groups in re-engage in society.


No Neet to Worry is an eight days training course which will involve 33 youth workers from 12 european countries (Italy, Croatia, Greece, Iceland, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Slovenia and France). All activities are meant to improve the skills of youth workers through the use of non-formal and informal methodologies such as the Reciprocal Maieutic Approach and Creative Thinking, cooperative learning and teamwork focusing on positive thinking. Youth workers will experiment practical tools, methods and strategies to be directly applied with the target group, such as storytelling, ITC for self-promotion into the labour market, and awareness raising campaigns which will enrich their competences and set of tools for be more effective in their daily work.


  • Development of specific competences related to the subject with positive thinking, develop skills as self-awareness, resilience, motivation and problem solving.
  • Improvement of youth workers knowledges and skills to be able to work as a mentors and counsellors for NEETs and ESLeavers.
  • Learning new techniques and competences for effective communication, problem solving and proactivity to support vulnerable target groups such as NEETs and Early School Leavers.
  • Strengthening organizational skills through the planning, design and creation of a handbook, a video storytelling and digital mapping to encourage young ESLs to reintegrate into the school system.
  • Quality improvements in youth work, enhancing cooperation between organizations in the youth field and awareness towards EU funding opportunities.
  • Sharing of good practices, Erasmus+ opportunities between national and international realities and creation of networks between European organizations and youth workers.



Erasmus+, KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals – Mobility of youth workers


18/05/2019 – 17/04/2022