NARD – Volunteerism, pathway for realisation

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NARD – Volunteerism, pathway for realisation

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02.02.2015 - 30.06.2016

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Erasmus+ KA 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Strategic partnerships in the field of YOUTH


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    Description of the project

    The project has set the goal to achieve public recognition for volunteering as a tool for more successful realization of young people in the labour market and for coping with youth unemployment. The project has the following objectives:

    • To research and analyse of the role of volunteering as a factor for coping with youth unemployment among different target groups:
    • To raise the interests and engagement of young people towards voluntary activities;
    • Recognition of volunteering by employers, HR agencies, educational institutions and young people as a tool for: non-formal and independent learning, acquisition of professional and social skills;
    • To increase the capacity of the organisations that work with volunteers to implement the “Volunteering based on skills” programme which is appropriate to the market and local environment.


    • Sociological research “Volunteering – factor for realisation of young people”.
    • Elaborating and implementing the “Volunteering based on skills” Programme in accordance to market needs and local specifics. The programme is predestined for organizational and educational institutions which actively work with volunteers.
    • Work visits in Italy and Slovakia to assess the volunteering sector in these countries.
    • Transnational youth forum in Plovdiv in June 2015.


    • Recognition of volunteering as factor for professional realisation and tool for independent learning by employers, HR agencies, educational institutions and young people.
    • Implementation of 15 presentational meetings about the volunteering as factor for realization.
    • Closing national forum in Sofia in June 2016.